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Grand Rapids in 1856

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The French Chateau de Cande

by Richard Vettese

With homes in New York and France, and a fortune that continued to grow, in 1926 Bedaux decided to purchase the sixty-room Chateau de Cande estate on the Indre and Loire Rivers in Touraine, France. Bedaux poured his money into the castle, the original part of which had been built in the 16th century. It was filled with rare art treasures and had unique architectural details. Bedaux brought the estate up-to-date with water and electricity along with central heating, and he continued to cultivate the rich traditions of the estate, including adding his own personal golf course. Charles and Fern became leaders of French society, mixing on the Riviera with the wealthy including Mr. and Mrs. Herman Rogers, one of whose dashing friends was a Mrs. Wallis Simpson, the future Duchess of Windsor. As Hitler began to move Germany’s industry forward in the early 1930’s, Bedaux also began a close relationship with a number of high profile German leaders, including Joachim von Ribbentrop and Otto Abetz, the Nazi ambassador to France. 

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