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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

The Home at 433 East Fulton Street


Frederick A. Gorham Sr. is the first known occupant of the house at 391 E. Fulton.  Gorham was a vice president for the Grand Rapids and Indiana railroad as well as the Michigan Trust Company and lived in the home from 1894 to 1910.  The next owners were Herbert T. and Lillian Chase.  Chase, of the Chase and Sanborn Company, occupied the home from 1912 to 1932 and died in 1933.  By then the address of this home was 433 E. Fulton.  For four years after that, the house belonged to Mrs. Kathleen Sears, the widow of Harold Sears who owned and operated the Grand Rapids Dry Goods store.  In 1938, the house was purchased by Edward B. and Eleanor Hawkins.  Hawkins, a manufacturer’s agent, died in 1964. 

433 E. Fulton Sanborn Map circled

In 1965, the structure was briefly the Honors House for Davenport, before being demolished for the Sneden Academic Center that was built in 1967. 

The 1912 Sanborn Insurance Map shows the former Gorham house, third from the left, circled.

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