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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

More About the Nessie Project, 6th place

Artist statement: We, AAG LLC, represent a collective of artists, designers, engineers, fabricators,modelmakers and builders. Our approach is to add an interesting aesthetic to the downtown Grand River profile with a piece both enigmatic and fluid as the Grand Vittesse herself. An homage to Alexander Calder, Frank Lloyd Wright, Henry Moore,the furniture industry of the 1920s and to all the bridge-workers who have built and maintained these many structures over the grand. Having storied degrees from many accredited institutions such as, Kendall College of Art& Design, Grand Valley State University, Northwestern Michigan University,Calvin College, THE School of Hard Knocks and New York University, just to name a few, we, as a group, have over 30 years experience in our varied interests.From office chairs to burning Viking ships to the support of public and private patrons we would like to continue our work in keeping the arts alive in Grand Rapids.

Description of work: A life size stylized multi-media sculpture of Loch Ness

Work statement: Loch Ness on the Grand.

Art form: 3-D, Sound


Medium: multi


Year created: 2009


Artist bio: Thomas Birks, Animation Designer

Richard App, Artist, Gallery Owner

David Valdisseri, Industrial Designer

Joachim Jensen, Industrial Designer

We, along with a group of like minded artists/designers are calling ourselves "AAG" or Airline Aluminum Group.


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