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More About Bill Secunda, 5th place

Artist bio: As a young boy, Bill spent many hours watching a neighbor weld and fabricate heavy equipment. The welding process intrigued him. During welding classes, Bill would practice his welding techniques by turning lifeless scrap metal into his first artistic creations. Bill's creativity comes from the appreciation of the beauty that God gives each creature, large and small. Adding personality, balance, and a sense of movement to every piece makes each one stand out. Most everything Bill sees, hears, or experiences provides inspiration.

Artist statement: Bill Secunda's nail sculptures are unique. Bill developed the technique 10 years ago while trying to create a bear sculpture like no other. He found that by using large amounts of nails, he could create the appearance of fur. It seemed like that was what he was meant to do; the whole project just seemed to flow. This opened the door to being able to create many different creatures. One of his favorites is the moose, created out of over 60,000 welded nails. The types of nails are masonry hard cut, collated, finish, and railroad spikes. These nails are welded over a steel rod armature, which is hand made with no measurements, molds, or drawings. This makes each piece one of a kind.

Description of work: Life size Moose sculpture made entirely out of welded steel nails. The moose weighs 1,200 lbs. The type of nails include masonry hard cut, collated, finish, and rail rode spikes. The patina is a natural oxidation. The moose sculpture is attached to a steel base plate and can be displayed outdoors with minor site prep.


Work statement: It is a one of a kind, life size, realistic moose sculpture.

Art form: 3-D


Medium: welded steel nails


Year created: 2009


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