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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

More About David Lubbers, 4th place


Artist bio: David Lubbers was born October, 20 1947 in Holland Michigan. He graduated in 1969 from Calvin College and received a masters degree from Michigan State University in 1973. He taught in the Grand Rapids Public Schools for 12 years.

In 1982, Lubbers moved to Santa Fe and apprenticed to photographer, William Clift. He then traveled and photographed the Southwest extensively. In 1986, Lubbers extended his interest of natural erosion patterns to man-made ruins of Mexico. Photographing with a large-format camera, he photographed not only evidence of time and weather, but also the soul of the people there.

Since then, he has photographed the West Coast, the Southwest, Michigan, the Netherlands, France and Italy. Four portfolios of his photographs have been published and more recently three books, Abiding, Landscape of the Soul, Persistence of Vision, and Waters of Michigan.

He has exhibited in Mexico, Italy and Latvia, in addition to numerous shows throughout the United States.

Artist statement: When the ArtPrize competition was announced. I had no plans to participate. But a conversation over lunch with several friends, including Linda P. Williams, started me thinking . . . With the right team, we could achieve something quite unusual - something I have always thought needed doing in Grand Rapids. Later, Linda and I discussed my idea for the competition and a location that would be perfect for a sculpture- "The best in the city," I said.

"Let's do it," she said. That was March. Hundreds of conversations, calculations and compromises later, our team, which is comprised of Williams & Works, Couturier Iron Works, Owen, Ames, Kimball, Dennen Steel Corp., Linda P. Williams and myself, will make "Grand Dance" a grand reality.

"Grand Dance is a kinetic sculpture made of metal and illuminated by solar energy. It is an homage to the river that inspired its earliest settlers more than 3 centuries ago, and to the visitors and residents who have been sustained and enriched by it since that time. The members of our team and the community at large are all part of the Grand Dance of Grand Rapids."

Art form: Kinetic Sculpture

Medium: Metal

Year created: June-September, 2009



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