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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

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More About Eric Colin Daigh, 3rd place

Artist bio:  Born 1977, Orange, CA . I am the son of a painter and a dental hygienist. I live and work in Northern Michigan with my wife and son.

Artist statement: Using push pins, the innocuous, adhesive, near-detritus of our everyday Eric creates the view from here. His work is that rare aerial perspective of the faces we see everyday, the vistas of common personalities, the longviewof the human. You can stand up close, squint into the vacu-formed industrial sheen of some common object but such a perspective only argues the atomic structure of his work. As we pull back one quotidian reference morphs into another, objects become portraits, the pedestrian becomes sublime. Molecules, pixels, cultivated fields all speak to his medium. He starts with a flat 5 color cadence, all just rhythmic loops, then relationships form, a singularity shifts into subtle congress and depth and tones appear. We step back further and slowly, as if through the portal of some remote ship we suddenly recognize. That's us. That's me. His grids are pictorial DNA, a seemingly simple sequence that when sounded in its complexity reveals the honesty of the unrepeatable person


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