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Payson Wolfe's Pension Application

I, James S. DeLand do hereby certify, that I was Captain of Company "K" of the First Regiment of Michigan Sharpshooters and am acquainted with Payson Wolf who was a member of my Company and as I am informed is a candidate for an Invalid Pension. That the said Payson Wolf was mustered into service on or about the Tenth day of August 1863, and was discharged as a paroled prisoner about the 13th day of June 1865. That he became disabled from doing duty as a soldier, while in the service of the United States, and in the line of his duty as a soldier, at the time and place, and in the manner following: to wit He was taken prisoner at Petersburg Virginia on the night of the 17th of June AD 1864. he was taken to Andersonville and confined in the prison there till about the 25th of the following November. that during the time of his imprisonment he was attacked with diarrhea at first and then with scurvy, his gums swelled, a part of his teeth fell out, his legs & arms swelled to a monstrous size, his muscles contracted badly so that it was difficult to move at all, and he is still afflicted with scurvy, has lost about half the fore finger on his left hand, suffers much and is disabled so that he cannot labor.

That the said soldier was in good health at the time he entered the service, and the disability above referred to affected him while in the service, and at his discharge, as follows: his feet and legs swelled and he suffered much pain every night.

James S. DeLand, late Capt. Co. K. 1st M.S.S.

Given at Jackson this Eighth day of August 1866.Subscribed and sworn to before me Daniel Upton Clerk of the Circuit Court of the County of Jackson

                                           From National Archives files

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