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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

Etta S. Wilson Timeline

1857   Born Esther Eliza Wolfe in Northport, MI

1881   Married Wesley T. Wilson

1886   Reporter in Grand Rapids, Telegram-Herald

1890   Founder Michigan Women’s Press Association

1892   President of newly formed Michigan Women’s Press Club

1900   Secretary Grand Rapids Press Club (mixed sex membership)

1901   Reporter for Detroit Journal-News (editor of newly founded women’s page)

1906   Left newspaper reporting due to crippling illness

1907   Secretary of Audubon Society (Indiana)

          Moves to Indiana

1913   Lecturer for Nat’l Association of Audubon Societies

          Observer for migratory movements for Biological Survey

1914   Joined Daughters of American Revolution

1917   Associate member American Ornithologists’ Union

          Returns to Detroit area

1936   Died in Detroit

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