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Tending the Wealthy St. Bridge

Common Council minutes, April 22, 1907, page 974

To the honorable Common Council of City of Grand Rapids, Michigan:

Gentlemen—I respectfully represent to you that I, with my three brothers, are engaged in business near the east end of Wealthy Avenue bridge, and can conveniently care for and operate the draw in said bridge as it may be required. I therefore offer to swing said draw at any time and any day and every day and night in the week when navigation requires it. And oil the machinery of draw, to put out all night signals as required by the City Engineer and to care for said bridge except the sweeping and cleaning, and to give it full attention satisfactory to the Committee on Bridges of this your honorable body for the sum of nine dollars per week for the navigation season of 1907, and will agree that this agreement can be terminated at any time when my work is unsatisfactory to the Committee, and that I will give two weeks notice if I desire to terminate it before the expiration of the navigation season.

A. Jesiek, 315 Market Street

Common Council minutes, April 22, 1907, page 988

To the Honorable Common Council:

Your Special Committee, consisting of the Committee on Bridges and Committee on Ways and Means, to who was referred the communication from the Board of Public Works, file No. 32554, relating to the swinging of the Wealthy Avenue bridge, would report thereon:

Your Committee has met with Jesiek Bros. and has agreed upon the following, subject to the approval of the Council. Jesiek Bros. agree to give full and complete attention to the swinging of Wealthy Avenue draw, including the oiling and care of the machinery, placing of the signal lights and the care of the lamps—city to furnish the oil, lamps, etc. for $9 per week, according to the proposal submitted by them this evening by A. Jesiek in behalf of himself and brothers.We recommend that the Council approve this agreement.


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