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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

A Few Facts About Grand Rapids Streetcars

Every day of 18 hours the cars of the Grand Rapids Railroad company travel 10,412 miles, or nearly the equivalent to half way round the world!

That is the average total mileage daily, or further figured out means 578 miles an hour, or at the rate of 9 miles per minute.

In traveling those 10,412 miles daily these cars carry more than 60,000 passengers, about one-third of Grand Rapids’ total population.

These figures may give you a better idea of what your street railway means to Grand Rapids’ progress and development.

Letting Our Safety Lights Shine

More than 54 barrels of kerosene were used by the railway company in its safety signal lamps last year for red lanterns and track work. This is equivalent to 2700 gallons, or enough to keep 54,000 lanterns burning one night, one gallon keeping 20 lanterns lighted one night.

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