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Grand Rapids in 1856

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The Hooks Brothers, African American Photographers of Memphis

The photograph of Thelma Estelle as an infant was taken in Memphis by the Hooks Brothers. Established by Henry A. Hooks, Sr. and his brother Robert B. Hooks, Hooks Brothers Photography Studio was the second oldest continuously operating black business in Memphis.  Located during its early years at 164 Beale Street, it next moved to Linden Avenue and finally to McLemore Avenue, where it ceased operation after a destructive fire in 1979.

Covering much of the 20th century, the company chronicled and documented the history and lives of black Memphis and Memphians.  Among the subjects and luminaries captured on film by the Hooks Brothers were Booker T. Washington, W. C. Handy, Robert R. Church, the beginning days of the Memphis NAACP, the Lincoln League, early high school and college graduating classes from Howe Institute, LeMoyne College, and many other activities of black society and ordinary people.

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