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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Travels of Daniel Wadsworth Coit

by William G. Gilman

1787. November 29. Born, Norwich, Conn.

1803. Apprenticed to merchants in New York.

1808. Began business on his own account.

1818. September 27. Sailed from New York for Peru.

1819. January 14. Arrived at Lima.

1820. April. Sailed from Guayaquil for Gibraltar.

1820. September 27. Arrived at Gibraltar.

1820-22. Traveled in Spain, France, and England.

1822. June. Sailed from London for South America.

1822. October. Arrived at Buenos Ayres.

1822. December. Crossed the Andes to Valparaiso.

1823. December. Arrived at Lima.

1828. June. Sailed from Lima for New York.

1829. May. Sailed from New York for England.

1829-32. Traveled in Europe.

1832. June. Returned to Norwich.

1833. October. Visited Grand Rapids.

1834. September 1. Married Harriet Frances Coit.

1834-41. Lived in New York and New Rochelle.

1841-47. Lived in Norwich.

1848. January. To Mexico for Howland and Aspinwall.

1849. March. From Mexico to San Francisco.

1849-52. In business in San Francisco.

1852. June. Returned to his home in Norwich.

1876. July 18. Died, Norwich.

Excerpted from A Memoir of Daniel Wadsworth Coit of Norwich, Connecticut, 1787—1876 by William C. Gilman, 1908.

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