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Chinese Cooks a Feature at the Pantlind

It is now assured that the Chinese feature of the Hotel Pantlind will be made permanent. A short time ago Mr. Pantlind imported two high class Chinese cooks from San Francisco and Chicago and installed them in his kitchen under the charge of chef Schmit. The adventure was an experiment at the outset that has become so popular that it will be continued.

The first Chinese cook is Moy Dum of San Francisco and his assistant is Moy Lung of Chicago. They are brothers and have been in this country many years, but rank among the most expert in the preparation of their national dishes. They receive a separate kitchen of their own over the regular kitchen of the hotel and there all manner of Chinese dishes are prepared. From soups to chop suey with all the trimmings, noodles, foo yung eggs and so on to the 25-cents-a-cup tea. The component parts of all the dishes are imported and are served in the most careful manner. Even the dishes are all imported from China, and many novelties are included in the service.

“I did not look with much favor on the proposition at first,” said chef Schmit today, “but it has met with such approval that I think it is going to continue extremely popular. The Chinese cooks are extremely cleanly in their work and the dishes are delicate. They make a decided novelty to those who are not accustomed to them and there is no reason why that feature of the café should not be a permanent feature. It has the merit of being very unusual, too, in hotels of the Pantlind’s class and many of the guests from the big cities have expressed their surprise and pleasure.”

Grand Rapids Evening Press, February 7, 1905, pg. 7

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