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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Grand Rapids Smoke Inspector Ordinance, 1907

Passed February 18, 1907

The Common Council of the City of Grand Rapids doth ordain:

Section 1. That there shall be appointed by the Board of Public Works a smoke inspector duly qualified to test and determine the offensive character of smoke coming from the chimney’s and smokestacks in the city in violation of an ordinance entitled, “An ordinance defining and preventing smoke nuisance in the City of Grand Rapids.” That such smoke inspector shall hold his office during efficient service rendered to the satisfaction of the Board of Public Works. That it shall be the duty of said smoke inspector, under the direction of the Board of Public Works and its general manager, to make a study of the smoke nuisance of the city, give notice to offenders and assist as may be within his power in the prevention of the escape of smoke, soot and deleterious substances from any stack, flue or chimney within the city. And it shall also be the duty of said smoke inspector to serve such notices as may be required or directed by the Board of Public Works or its general manager upon the various parties who may be responsible for the escape of smoke of objectionable character, and also to make complaints for violation of the smoke ordinance to the proper court based upon such information as he may be able to obtain from personal observation or reliable information outside thereof. That the salary of said smoke inspector shall not exceed the sum of $1200 a year, to be fixed by the said Board of Public Works, and payable in monthly installments in the same manner as the salaries of other city officials. 

Proceedings of the Common Council, 1907, pages 811-812

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