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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Population Pushes School Construction Again

After World War II as the baby-boom generation reached school-age another building boom occurred for Grand Rapids Public Schools. Hall St. School benefited during construction periods of both the late 1800s and the mid-1900s as did some others. From 1953-1961 fifteen new schools were built or replaced older existing schools:

1953  Madison Park (replaced 1888 school)

1953  Mulick Park

1954  Brookside

1954  Kent Hills

1954  Palmer (replaced 1893 school)

1954  Riverside (formerly Fairmount)

1955  Maplewood

1956  Hall (replace 1892 school)

1956  Hillcrest

1956  Riverside Jr.

1957  Campau Park

1957  E. Leonard

1958  Beckwith

1960  Westwood Hills

1961  Buchanan (replaced 1896 school)

For more information on the GR Public Schools see "Schools" in the Vertical File Collection at the Grand Rapids History and Special Collections Department of the Grand Rapids Public Library.

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