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Iroquois Middle School - Iroquis St.

Iroquois Middle School - Iroquis St.

GRHC - 2008

A wide view showing the lawn and all three floors and tower over front entrance. Note windows and edging along roof-line. A large tree hides some of the building. The name on the front of the building is visible to the left of the tree.


Full Details

TitleIroquois Middle School - Iroquis St.
Current Address1050 Iroquois Dr. SE
ArchitectHenry H. Turner
Date Constructed1924-25
Original OwnerGrand Rapids Public Schools
Original UsePublic school
NeighborhoodOttawa Hills

Title by Cataloger:

Excerpted from A Brief History of Ottawa Hills High School, 1925-1957, By Mable C. Tenhaaf - English Teacher
"The building was started in 1924 and was finished the next spring. To carry out the Indian theme suggested by the name of the school, designs taken from Indian pottery, blankets, and rugs were used in a border about the main entrance, and directly above the door was an Indian head, which was later adopted as the symbol of the school.

In September, 1925, the doors of Ottawa Hills High School opened to about 650 students and thirty teachers under the direction of the first principal, Henry D. MacNaughton. Many of the teachers came from Strong Junior High School, where they had taught with Mr. MacNaughton. The Students came primarily from Central and South High Schools. Grades 7-1 to 10-2 were included.

In 1929 two large home rooms and six classrooms were added above the shops. The elementary wing was added in 1931."

Iroquois Middle School, the original Ottawa Hills High School, closed in 2005. In December of 2008 it was purchased by the Grand Rapids Christian Schools. Whether the building will be remodeled and used as a consolidated elementary school or demolished has not been determined.

The building was demolished in 2009.

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