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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Edward Feakins Home

Edward Feakins Home

GRHC - 2007

The two-story tan brick home, built in 1860, is rectangular in shape with symmetrically placed windows with stone sills. The foundation is handset stone, and the windows at ground level indicate there is a basement. Below the roof stone corbels can be seen, and beneath them a geometric brick pattern runs around the house. A modern addition of a fire escape has been added at the rear of the house as well as an air conditioner which is visible at the upper right corner window. The tree on the right shows its yellow fall foliage. A modern plastic chair and portable grill are on the front porch.


Full Details

TitleEdward Feakins Home
Current Address247 Burton St. SW
Original OwnerEdward Feakins
Original UsePrivate home
NeighborhoodGarfield Park

Title by cataloger. The home contains 100,000 bricks. Feakins was born in England in 1796 and came to the US in 1830. He died October 6, 1889.

CollectionGrand Rapids Historical Commission
Locationlocation on map

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