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Herkimer Hotel - Jenks

Herkimer Hotel - Jenks

Tom Logan - 2010

The recent renovation of the three-story Herkimer Hotel, on the west side of Division, at Goodrich, is apparent as is the change of name to Jenks, in honor of the original owner, Samuel Jenks


Full Details

TitleHerkimer Hotel - Jenks
CreatorTom Logan
Current Address323 S. Division
Pre 1912 Address211 - 219 S. Division
Date Constructed1895 & 1905
Original OwnerSamuel Jenks
Original UseResidential Hotel

For most of its life it was the The Herkimer Hotel, named for Nicholas Herkimer, an ancestor of Mrs. Jenks. 

 Photograph Posted, March 25, 2014

CollectionTom Logan
Locationlocation on map

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