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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

Ward School No. 1

Ward School No. 1


The school, a frame building supported on a brick basement, is surrounded by primary schoolchildren. Two chimneys indicate two stoves, so possibly a two-room school. The building appears to have two entrances, which would be separate doors for boys and girls, a common school feature at the time. 


Full Details

TitleWard School No. 1
Pre 1912 AddressS. Division and Bartlett
Date Constructed1856
Original OwnerGrand Rapids, District No. 1
Original UsePrimary School

 Ward School No. 1 (because it was located in Ward 1), one of four ward schools constructed mid-1800s,. It later became Primary School No.2, as it was the second primary school built in the city. Eventually it was known as S. Division St. School. The photo shows the building sometime after 1865 when basement classrooms were added to the building. 

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