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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Anthony Margelis Home

Anthony Margelis Home

GRHC - 2007

The two-story house has two enclosed porches, one on the first level and the other above. The two brick pillars are possibly remnants of an original open front porch. The street number 544 is just to the left of one of the brick pillars. A downspout from the eaves drops down from the roof and in front of one pillar. A second entrance is at the rear of the house with a green and white metal awning above the door. The sides have been shingled. Large bushes are across the front and at the left side. Various utility lines run across the photo, and a satellite dish is visible on the roof.


Full Details

TitleAnthony Margelis Home
Current Address544 Myrtle St. NW
Original UsePrivate home
NeighborhoodRichmond Park

Title by cataloger.
A current photo of the house that Anthony Margelis, inventor of the Dowel Press, lived in from around 1908 until his death in 1956.

CollectionGrand Rapids Historical Commission
Locationlocation on map

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