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Waldron Building

Waldron Building

Jack Ropoleski - 2003

The Waldron Building, located on east side of Ionia Ave. SW across the street from Union Station, between Weston and Oakes, was built of red brick. A small bay-window on the second level sits over the entrance, which is a rectangular arch outlined with irregular shapes of what appears to be red sandstone. An oval window on the third floor is surrounded by a decorative design that includes two dragons at the top. The design is capped by the name Waldron. Perhaps the gargoyles sitting at the top of the roof on the right, not part of the original architecture, were inspired by the dragons.


Full Details

TitleWaldron Building
CreatorJack Ropoleski
Current Address58 Ionia Ave. SW
Pre 1912 Address52-54 S. Ionia
ArchitectA. W. Rush
Date Constructed1894
Original OwnerLewis Waldron
Original UseAs early as 1898 the Wellington Hotel occupied the Waldron Building.

Title by cataloger. The building has served as a hotel and restaurant under many proprietors over the years. In the mid-1920s, under the ownership of Andrew and Maude Williams, a black family from Chicago, it began its long association with the African American population of the city during the years of racial segregation. Stanley Barnett, an African American entrepreneur, owned the building 1939 to 1966, and during this time it was the scene of jazz music in Grand Rapids.

CollectionJack Ropoleski
Locationlocation on map

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