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Berger Chevrolet Showroom

Berger Chevrolet Showroom

Robinson Studio - 1949

Several people and a dog examine the newest car design since the World War II, when almost no models changes were made, at the Berger Chevrolet Showroom at 1451 Lake Dr SE. The glass-block windows at the side and front of the showroom allow light but no view from the street and fluorescent fixtures also provide some illumination. Ferns and floral displays are placed about the floor.


Full Details

TitleBerger Chevrolet Showroom
CreatorRobinson Studio
Current Address1451 Lake Drive SE
Date Constructed1929 ca
Original OwnerEdward M. Schopps
Original UseAutomobile dealership, GR Buick
Information SourceGrand Rapids City Directory; Berger family

Title by cataloger. The building now houses the Lake Drive Post Office sub-station. A quick glance at the front of the current building will show where the original large display windows and doors were located when it was an automobile dealership. 

CollectionBerger Chevrolet

Reproduction and copyright information regarding this image available from Berger Chevrolet, 2525 28th St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI. 49512.
Original photo by Robinson Studio.

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